Matthew Hipkin

Latest application updates

HTTPres 1.0 released 2015-03-16

1.1	Implemented POST method
	Added POST variable editor
1.0	Ported C++ code to FreePascal for easier distribution
	Added editable useragents
0.1	Initial release

id3wipe 1.2 released 2013-08-22

1.2	- Fixed multi-select in dialog bug
	- Re-added popup menu to allow removal of selected files
1.1	- Fixed window freezing when looping through several files
	- Removed slight lag when checking for new versions
	- When a directory is dropped onto the window it will now correctly add the files
	  within that directory
	- Unlocked window resizing
1.0	- First release

Simple Sitemap Creator 0.1.7 released 2013-02-13

0.1.7   Fixed problem of parsing links that contain anchors
        Added ignore for skype: links
        Added simple sort
0.1.6   Fixed inclusion of lone anchors in output
        Fixed last known HTML parsing bugs
        Removed alpha status
0.1.5   Improved HTML parsing again
0.1.4   Added XML output
0.1.3   General bug fixes
0.1.2   UI improvements
0.1.1   Improved HTML parsing
0.1     First release

File Case Converter 2.0 released 2012-09-07

2.0	- Rewritten from scratch

Batch File Extension Renamer 0.3 released 2012-08-25


0.3   - Prettied up the UI, added new tool: 
      - Duplicate extension fixer: removes duplicate extensions from 
        files (e.g image1.jpg.jpg)
      - Enabled use of renaming all files (*.*) in given directory to 
        specified extension 
      - Added updates notifier
0.2.2 - Fixed issue with filenames without extensions
0.2.1 - Fixed issue with uppercase file extensions
0.2 - Added Swap button and saving of used extensions
0.1 - First release
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