Matthew Hipkin


Dynamic Directory To HTML script

A simple PHP-based script that creates a pretty directory listing from the files in the current directory.

PHP • Any

Using pointers and TLists in Delphi

Simple example demonstrating using pointers and TLists in Delphi

Object Pascal • Any

CGI mailform using FreePascal

A simple CGI based contact form

Object Pascal • Linux, FreeBSD


A set of visually appealing controls for Delphi and Lazarus

Object Pascal • Windows (also Linux and OSX using Lazarus)

QR Code Generator in Delphi and Lazarus

An example of creating QR barcodes in Delphi and Lazarus

Object Pascal • Windows Linux OSX FreeBSD

Automatically backing up your web server files to GoogleDrive with PHP

PHP • Linux FreeBSD

PHP style explode function for Delphi

A simple explode function

Object Pascal • Any

Copy directory structure in Delphi and Lazarus

A simple procedure to copy a directory structure

Object Pascal • Any

Recursively count files with Delphi or FreePascal

Quick and simple way for recursively counting files

Object Pascal • FreeBSD Linux Windows OSX

Base64 encode/decode binary files with Lazarus

Binary base64 encoding/decoding

Object Pascal • Any

Follow HTTP redirects using Ararat Synapse

A simple way to follow HTTP redirects using Synapse

Object Pascal • Any

Random Name Generator

A random name generator

Object Pascal • Any