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httpres is an easy to use application that simply shows you the headers, response code and content from HTTP requests. This is useful for expanding short links, or checking where a suspicious link may take you.

For documentation and latest updates, please visit the project website.


  • Displays server header response
  • Lightweight
  • Supports HTTPS
  • Ability to set useragent
  • Supports POST method
  • Load & save POST variables


Source Code

Download httpres


(Version 1.2) "An intuitive and handy software utility that helps users analyze a shortened link and ensure it does not lead to malware by displaying various details"

(Version 1.2) "httpres is extremely basic, but it's also simple and straightforward, and can give you valuable information about what lies behind short links and other URLs."
PC Advisor

(Version 0.1) "HTTPres comes in handy to all those who want to avoid getting malware on their PC by accessing an infected link."

1.2     Added Clear button
	Added loading and saving to file of POST variables
        Added Restore Default button to useragent form
1.1	Implemented POST method
	Added POST variable editor
1.0	Added editable useragents
0.1	Initial release
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