Matthew Hipkin



Created by Eugene Genev.

XiControls are a set of VCL components for Delphi 6 and above (which also work in Lazarus too) that provide a more pretty alternative to some default controls. All controls come with a selection of preset colour schemes, and the ability to set your own.

These components were originally available from Eugene's website however it seems he never changed his URL redirect when Yahoo! Geocities ended.


A TPanel descendent that acts as a gradient panel, with customisable borders.


A pretty TButton replacement.


Perhaps the most interesting component of the pack, trackbars that can be coloured!


A TProgressBar replacement.


Delphi: Install XiControls.pas and all components should appear under XiControls tab of the components palette.

Lazarus users can simply add the pas files to their uses list and create the components dynamically. Here is an example unit from Batch File Extension Renamer.

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