Matthew Hipkin

Batch File Extension Renamer

Batch File Extension Renamer is a simple application for renaming extensions of multiple files.

As a PHP developer I often find myself presented with a website where all the files are with a .html extension and I either have to manually rename all of the files or mess around with a shell. This tiny but powerful app takes away all that hassle.

Written using Lazarus this application can be compiled for any popular desktop environment.


  • Clean and simple UI
  • Replace or copy files with new extension
  • Drag and drop multiple files
  • Recurse into subdirectories automatically

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0.3   - Prettied up the UI, added new tool: 
      - Duplicate extension fixer: removes duplicate extensions from 
        files (e.g image1.jpg.jpg)
      - Enabled use of renaming all files (*.*) in given directory to 
        specified extension 
      - Added updates notifier
0.2.2 - Fixed issue with filenames without extensions
0.2.1 - Fixed issue with uppercase file extensions
0.2 - Added Swap button and saving of used extensions
0.1 - First release
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