Matthew Hipkin

Colour To HTML

Colour To HTML is a small Windows utility to convert colours into HTML code.

More information can be found on the application's dedicated website.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Point and click colour picker to pick a colour from the screen
  • RGB and HSL tools
  • Returns HTML, RGB and CMYK values
  • Colour history
  • Export colours as HTML
  • Capture colours straight from the system tray


6.2      Replaced icons with something more suitable
         Added RGB and CMYK support
         Solved problems of grey edges on HSL control
         Preview font colour switches between black and white depending on panel colour
6.1      Fixed colour entry bug
         Added support for 3-digit rgb values (eg #f00)
6.0      Ported from Delphi to Lazarus with a near-complete rewrite
         Added ability to capture any colour from the screen at any time via the tray icon
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