Matthew Hipkin

Simple Sitemap Creator


A simple app that scans a website and creates HTML and Google Sitemaps compatible XML.

More information can be found on the application's dedicated website.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Produces HTML, Google compatible XML and CSV
  • Supports HTTPS
  • Portable
  • Customisable useragent string


Source code

You can get the latest source using subversion:

svn checkout svn:// simplesitemapcreator

Bug reports/Feature requests

You can report bugs using the issue tracker on the sourceforge project page using the link below.

Download Simple Sitemap Creator

1.3.4   Fixed custom useragents being ignored
        Initial HTTP to HTTPS redirects are now followed
        Updated Synapse version so newer OpenSSL libraries work
1.3.3   Fixed startup state spanning monitors
        Improved UI layout
1.3.2   Fixed blank useragent
        Added XiControls to about dialog
        Rewrote multithreading so it's done properly
        Fixed parsing issues with links starting ./
1.3.1   Added List tab which displays found links as a simple list
        Improved overall UI responsiveness and crawl speed
1.2.1   Improved speed related issues caused by 404 checking
1.2     Fixed update notification click
        Stopped 404s being parsed and listed
        Resolved issue with parsing of root links with filenames
1.1     Fixed saving of useragent history
        Fixed saving of URL history
        Attached return key to URL textbox
1.0     Recreated project files based on Lazarus 1.5 format
        Added option to set useragent
        Added option to disable custom theme
        Added option to change editor font
        Added option to customise filetypes to be ignored
        Changed ReadMe to DOS format
0.1.9   Fixed HTTPS bug
0.1.8   More improvements to HTML parsing
        Added CSV output
        Fixed issues with anchor links
	Resolved some issues with relative links 
0.1.7   Fixed problem of parsing links that contain anchors
        Added ignore for skype: links
        Added simple sort
0.1.6   Fixed inclusion of lone anchors in output
        Fixed last known HTML parsing bugs
        Removed alpha status
0.1.5   Improved HTML parsing again
0.1.4   Added XML output
0.1.3   General bug fixes
0.1.2   UI improvements
0.1.1   Improved HTML parsing
0.1     First release
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